Success with DS Series: Enjoy what’s left of summer vacation with inventory-aware campaigns

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 |

This is the first post in our “Success with DS” series, highlighting tips and tricks around key DoubleClick Search features. Today’s post comes from Emily Brodman, DoubleClick Search Technical Specialist. See our kickoff post here.

Last week, we highlighted how retailers can make the grade on the second-biggest annual consumer spending event -- Back to School shopping season. But for many, summer’s still not over yet. If you’re still dreaming about a relaxing end-of-summer vacation getaway before heading back to school, let DoubleClick Search work a little harder so you can spend more time in the sun. Our inventory-aware campaigns feature combines the contents of your Google Merchant Center feed with powerful automation tools from DoubleClick Search -- that means you set up the rules, conditions, and templates, and we’ll create and update ads, keywords, and bids dynamically, based on the Merchant Center’s ever-changing inventory.

Our creative inventory functions let you create smarter and richer customization of keywords and ads, all from your Merchant Center feed. Some of our favorites:

Are the discounts getting deeper as the days get shorter? 
If beach blankets go on sale once 5 of 10 colors are out of stock, start advertising that discount in real time by combining an IF() statement with a PERCENT_IN_STOCK() statement. DoubleClick Search will update the ad copy to advertise the deeper discount once half the colors are sold out -- no matter the time of day or night!

Cotton Beach Blankets
Available for [IF(PERCENT_IN_STOCK() > 0.5, 10, 40)]% Off!
Limited Time Only. Buy Now!

Cotton Beach Blankets
Available for 10% Off!
Limited Time Only. Buy Now!

Cotton Beach Blankets
Available for 40% Off!
Limited Time Only. Buy Now!

Get full keyword coverage for all your products. 
You’ve got your SPF 45 and beach umbrella for sun coverage, but what about keyword coverage? Use the SUBSTITUTE() function within a keyword template to find and replace text, or use broad match modifier keyword templates for even more specific or more diverse product messaging.

Keyword Templates:
Keywords created:
1. [Item_Title]
sunscreen spf 15
oil free sunscreen spf 45
spray sunscreen
2. [SUBSTITUTE(Item_Title, “sunscreen”, “sunblock”)]

sunblock spf 15
oil free sunblock spf 45
spray sunblock
3. +[Item_Title]
+sunscreen +spf +15
+oil +free +sunscreen +spf +45
+spray +sunscreen

Make sure your ads never go on vacation. 
Just because you’re enjoying the rest of your summer vacation doesn’t mean your inventory-aware campaigns get the time off! With landing page functions in DoubleClick Search, make sure you’re always tracking the URL parameters that you need -- use the SUBSTITUTE() function to find, replace, or append extra tracking parameters:

[Substitute(Landing_Page_URL, “season=spring”, “season=summer”]

Check out our help center for even more inventory-aware functions, tips, and tricks. Combine inventory-aware campaigns, your own custom messaging, and DoubleClick Search’s seamless Merchant Center integration for the perfect summer hit.

Keep an eye on the blog over the next few weeks to meet more of the team and learn how to achieve “success with DS”.