Announcing the March 14 DS release

Monday, March 18, 2013 |

The latest DoubleClick Search (DS) release includes the following feature updates:

  • Full launch of AdWords enhanced campaigns support: In an earlier blog post, we announced our support for AdWords enhanced campaigns in a beta release. That support is now fully launched and available to all users.

  • Bulk editing improvements: We streamlined the process of updating the settings of multiple ads or keywords at once, and also expanded the options when changing the state of any object.
    • For all bulk edits, we added the Applies to option in the settings, which makes it easier to select all campaigns, ad groups, or ads, or keywords across all pages.
    • For ads and keywords, we consolidated the Edit and Edit All buttons into a single button and added dropdown options for individual operations. So you can now do all your bulk editing under the Edit button.
    • For campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords, when you select Pause, Resume, or Delete from the dropdown, you’ll now have the option to set up a schedule for the change and revert it at a specified time if needed.

  • Landing page testing improvements:
    • You can now create landing page tests at the engine account and campaign levels. Just navigate to an engine account or campaign and click the Keywords tab, and the Start landing page test button will appear. Previously, you had to start a landing page test through an ad group.
    • You can now add Landing page test name as a selectable column. On a Keywords page, this column will list the landing page tests that the keywords are in. Previously, you had to create a label and apply it to the keywords in a test.

Read the Help Center release notes for more information about these updates.

Posted by the DoubleClick Search team