Powerful additions to the Performance Bidding Suite offer new goal, transparency options

Monday, October 22, 2012 |

A few weeks ago, we announced the relaunch of our Performance Bidding Suite, highlighting recent improvements focused on UI navigation, bid strategy controls, and transparency to help you make more informed keyword bidding decisions. We’re continuing our investment in developing a best-in-class bid optimization tool by adding a new set of features this week:
ROAS support, weighted conversion support for Target Spend, and a Primary Constraint column.  

We know that effective bid optimization starts with clearly defined goals. Now, we’re bringing you two new ways to express your goals in a rich language to meet your unique business objectives:

  • Define your goal as a Target ROAS. We now support Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), to target your return in revenue for every $1.00 of spend. To reach the ROAS target percentage, DS will raise or lower the bid based on how the actual ROAS compares to the target ROAS. Similar to ERS, you’ll be able to define multiple ROAS target goals over a customizable set of Floodlight activities.
  • Select floodlight tags with our Target Spend strategy. With this bid strategy, you’ll be able to enter your monthly budget, along with the KPI you’d like to maximize (for example: actions, transactions, or revenue), and set your goals for specific Floodlight activities.

As with all bid strategies, you can set keyword-level bid limits and enjoy flexible keyword-to-goal assignments.

To improve transparency with our bid optimization suite of tools, we’ve launched the Primary constraint column, providing insights into constraints that might be limiting your keyword bids (for example, a bid was constrained by min or max bid limits). If the Performance Bidding Suite is unable to apply the ideal bid, the Primary constraint column explains the rationale, and also displays the percentage of affected spend.

This Primary constraint data is shown at both bid strategy and keywords levels. For even greater granularity at the keyword level, we also show the Target bid we would have set, if our algorithms weren’t limited by the primary constraint.

For more information on effective bid optimization, be sure to download our whitepaper, or reach out to your Technical Account Manager or our support team at ds-support@google.com.

Posted by the DoubleClick Search Team