Introducing DoubleClick Search v4: DoubleCat Search!

Monday, April 1, 2013 |

As digital marketing continues to evolve, we’re seeing a host of new questions crop up around search -- the channel that used to be “all figured out.” How can search win the moments that matter and quickly capture the attention of consumers? What is the new definition of an “effective” search campaign? And how do you measure it all?

We travelled the globe and spoke directly with clients to understand what best resonates with them in the constantly-evolving online space, and heard the answer loud and clear: cats.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen tremendous growth in cat-related online activity,” said Amit Varia, Paw-duct Manager for DoubleCat Search. “Cats populate just about every corner of the internet. With DoubleCat Search, we wanted to design a UI that aligns with a tech-savvy user’s natural affinity toward cats, to deliver the most intuitive, LOL-worthy search management experience.”

With the introduction of DoubleCat Search, ailurophiles everywhere can now take advantage of a new and improved UI with some serious cattitude.

Log in to DoubleCat Search today to check out the new UI enhancements! 

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out additional features that will help save you time while making smarter decisions -- so you don’t feel like you’re constantly chasing your tail:

  • Laser pointer alerts. Red dots move across the screen and guide you to campaign errors you may have missed. With better error management, be ready to pounce on any needed fixes to ensure your search campaigns always land on their feet.
  • New bid strategy: maximize cheeseburgers. Now you can haz cheeseburger – and then some! With our new maximize cheeseburgers goal, gain greater visibility, increase CTR, and never go hungry again.
  • Upload paw prints via API. In addition to the ability to upload and reinstate conversions using our Event API, you’ll soon be able to upload paw prints onto your reports – making it authentically look like a cat has walked all over them.

We’re feline excited about these new developments, and look forward to hearing your feedback. Personally, we think these new enhancements are the cat's meow!

Happy April 1st from DoubleCat Search! =^..^=