Automated rules: more tools for around-the-clock management in DoubleClick Search

Monday, April 29, 2013 |

To help you go faster across your large search campaigns, we’re introducing Automated rules in DoubleClick Search, allowing you to schedule changes to specific ads and keywords, based on criteria that you determine.

With the release of Automated rules, spend less time on repetitive tasks and manage your accounts more efficiently with custom rules. Set the conditions directly in the UI, specify the desired action if the conditions are met, and determine the schedule for when you want the rule to run. For example, you can set up rules to run:

  • Daily at 1 A.M., to increase all bids where the ad’s average position was worse than 3 the previous day.
  • Every Friday, to pause all keywords that had at least 1000 clicks but zero conversions during the previous week.

This release of Automated rules also allows you to define and customize rules with more control and transparency:

  • Preview ads or keywords that will match your conditions. Before you save a rule, DoubleClick Search will show you which ads or keywords will be affected. This helps to ensure that your rule will cover the intended ads or keywords.
  • Combine rules with the power of formula columns. Use formula columns as a condition to create even more advanced rules. For example, you can set the following rule: if your keywords (Cost + Fees) exceeds $200, then pause the keyword.
  • Refine your rules with date range segmentation. When creating the conditions for a rule, you’ll see the time frame (e.g., Last 30 days) for the data in the creation wizard. DoubleClick Search will evaluate the condition based on the data in this date range to assess whether it will apply your rule.

In the coming weeks, we’ll introduce the ability to set rules for your campaigns and ad groups, and offer even more actions to perform, including applying labels and adjusting your budget.

We’ve made setting up rules in the UI easy:

  1. In the DS UI, navigate to the page with a table of ads or keywords.
  2. In the upper righthand corner of the UI, select a date range for the rule. Note that custom date ranges are not supported for rules, as they are absolute date ranges and stats, and will not change over time.
  3. Above the reporting table, click Rules, and follow the in-UI steps to create a new rule.

After you save the rule, you’ll receive email notifications when it runs, to alert you if the criteria was met to apply the rule. You can view your rules on the rule details page, pause or delete rules as needed, and changes applied from Automated rules are logged in change history.

For more information on Automated rules, visit our Help Center, or reach out to your DoubleClick Search representative or our support team at