Inventory management: New ad template functions and in-UI instructions

Thursday, December 13, 2012 |

Managing a large product inventory just got easier and more flexible with inventory management’s new ad template functions and in-UI instruction management.

Inventory Ad Templates, now with Custom Functions

Create conditional or relational functions in your ad copy, leveraging fields available in your Google Merchant Center feed. Mix and match Merchant Center fields and functions to create and automate timely and specific ad copy. New functions include:

  • MIN/MAX - populate ad copy with a set of products’ minimum or maximum price., e.g. “$299 and under!”
  • IF - update ad copy based on Merchant Center fields, e.g. if price is greater than $50, state “free shipping,” else state “$2.99 shipping”

In-UI management of Inventory Rules and Templates

Create and modify inventory rules and templates directly in the UI, using DS’s familiar column-picker to select product matching criteria:

Preview the matching objects while managing the inventory rule:

Edit or create templates directly in the DS UI, just as you would edit a text ad:

DoubleClick Search’s inventory management solution with Google Merchant Center integration means search marketers can stay on top of their ever-changing inventory with simple and customizable automated rules and templates. Visit our Help Center article to learn more about inventory management.

Posted by the DoubleClick Search team