AdWords conversion tracking reports in DS

Thursday, July 26, 2012 |

DoubleClick Search (DS) is expanding into supporting conversion tracking solutions beyond Floodlight activities. As a first step, we now give you the ability to pull AdWords conversion tracking columns directly from the DS interface!

  • Save time: You no longer need to pull these metrics from two different sources to complete your reporting.
  • Get fresher AdWords conversion data: AdWords conversion data is processed throughout the day for near-real-time conversion reporting. Read this Help Center article for more information on the freshness of this data.
  • Onboard new advertisers more easily: This feature can be very beneficial for new advertisers who only track conversions in AdWords and have not yet implemented DoubleClick Floodlight activities.

To see these columns in DS:

  1. Above the performance summary graph, click Columns to access the column selection tool.
  2. Under Available columns, navigate to Engine stats > AdWords Conversions.
  3. Add the desired AdWords conversion tracking columns to your report.
  4. In your report, look for the columns that begin with AW.

This initial launch is reporting-only, but if the demand is there as we hope, we’ll make plans to support bid strategies on top of AdWords conversion tracking data.

Simplify your workflow today with these new reporting columns!

Posted by the DoubleClick Search team