How to Scrub an AdWords Clickserve Link to Verify it’s Redirecting Properly

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 |

This post is the first in a series of tips and tricks on using DoubleClick Search more effectively. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on the blog in the future!

Google clickserves generally look like this:

Google clickserves contain unique pieces of information that identify a keyword's DoubleClick Search ID, DoubleClick Search Keyword Group ID, and a content keyword ID if the ad is triggered on the Display Network. If you’re testing a Google clickserve and try to copy and paste the entire clickserve like the one above into your web browser, it will bring you to an inactive page.

To properly test a Google clickserve, you’ll need to scrub it and remove all the pieces of information except the keyword ID:{ifsearch:43000000000000123}{ifcontent:43000000000000456}&ds_s_kwgid=58000000000000123&ds_e_adid={creative}&ds_e_matchtype={ifsearch:search}{ifcontent:content}&ds_url_v=2

This leaves the final scrubbed clickserve:

The number following lid= will always be the keyword ID.

When you then plug the scrubbed clickserve link into your browser (, it will seamlessly redirect you to your landing page.

Note: You’ll need to scrub the clickserve links to test the redirect, but you should not alter the clickserve link itself at the keyword destination URL level on the engine.

-Posted by Jess, Technical Account Manager